Rick and Laura Fleming Offer a Healthier and Greener Alternative Through Kangen Water Machines at Kangen Reading Water Store

Water is an everyday staple that is not often paid attention to enough by the general population. Not everyone is conscious of what minerals make up their favorite water brand, nor are they mindful of their consumption and how it affects the environment. But for Laura and Rick Fleming, authorities behind a Kangen water venture, people need to know more than the fact that they need to drink half of their body weight in ounces of water every day. 

While they are two of the most accessible water types, the tap and bottled variety each holds implications for one’s health and the environment. Drinking tap water puts people at risk of contaminants and added chemicals that may be harmful to the body. And some brands of bottled water could be acidic and are the result of highly unregulated production processes. Moreover, the ridiculous tons of non-reusable bottles that end up disposed contribute to the mounting heights of landfills and polluted seas, negatively impacting the environment.

On a mission to provide people with a healthier and greener alternative, certified Enagic International distributors Rick and Laura Fleming offer top-notch Kangen water products that have been proven to deliver great taste and health benefits. 

For over four decades now, Japan-based Enagic International has been the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers worldwide. It has continued to become a powerhouse because of its passion for transforming tap waters in homes into pure, healthy, electrolyzed-reduced, and hydrogen-rich drinking water. And as believers of alkaline water’s power in neutralizing the acid in people’s cells and tissue, Rick and Laura Fleming are committed to bringing these machines to people’s kitchen counters.

Producing hydrating alkaline and antioxidant water, the flagship machine they offer comes with a portable system capable of generating seven different types of water, one of which is the strong 11.5 pH Kangen water. With its pH level of 11.5, this non-drinking variety has a strong cleaning effect and can be used for food preparation, sanitizing spaces, stain removal, and more. Vegetables have oil-based pesticides and herbicides that are impenetrable with tap and bottled water. The 11.5pH strong Kangen water will emulsify and remove the oil based pesticides and herbicides, which make them taste better and extend the life, of fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, with the normal Kangen water, users are offered with electrolytically-reduced, hydrogen-rich water that can be utilized for drinking, as well as cooking and watering plants. On top of that, individuals can opt for the strong acidic water perfect for cleaning and preventing cross-contamination and beauty water, which is recognized for its astringent effects. 

Top professionals all around the world have been drinking and using the Kangen water machines from this esteemed company, Enagic. Household names such as Tom Brady, Manny Pacquaio, Floyd Mayweather, Mariah Carey, and Madonna are only a select handful of those who have seen the appeal of Kangen water. And in the coming years, they expect to attract more people by providing specialized machines that boast an ability to ionize and restructure tap water to have beneficial and therapeutic properties.

At the core of their service is the aim to advocate for wellness and serve as a reminder for people to take care of their health. And as passionate distributors of the well-recognized Kangen water machines, Laura and Rick Fleming will remain dedicated to spreading the word about the positive changes this tap and bottled water alternative could bring into people’s lives. There goal is to change a million lives, by changing the water that they’re drinking!

Learn more about Kangen water machines through this video or by checking their website. Follow and Direct message Laura and Rick on their Instagram page to qualify for a FREE filter with your machine purchase. 

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